Feeding the Homeless ( Detroit) 11/10

I was going through some photos and came across many I’d taken from last year 2011 and decided that I should post them. That year our goal was to feed 75 people, but after we counted up the plates we fed 89 ppl. What a WONDERFUL GOD WE SERVE!!! This year its going to be even greater, we are going to feed 100 people!! Here are some more photos. Continue reading Feeding the Homeless ( Detroit) 11/10

Care packages for the Homeless ~ 2011

  Cree’s Valentines Day Care packages for the Homeless was awesome!!! We had a ball going out to the streets of downtown Detroit in search for those who are homeless.   When I started Cree’s Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving, I was very nervous about asking people for help, because what I wanted to do was kinda unheard of. I had a vision to prepare the food in my own home, and then go out to the streets to FIND people who were homeless. That’s why I believe that when you establish good credit with people when doing something like this, people WILL invest … Continue reading Care packages for the Homeless ~ 2011

Feeding the Homeless 2009

Last year, we decided to feed 50 homeless people from the streets of downtown Detroit. I Thank God for removing the fear that I had in my heart about doing something that I always wanted to do. I hate to go see homeless people asking for money. Each person that I come in contact with I desire to know their story. I want to know how did they get in their current situation. Everyone has a story and a past. No one grows up and says: “I want to be homeless”. It’s a situation that you look up and you realise that you’re … Continue reading Feeding the Homeless 2009

Feeding the Homeless 2008

  I remember the day I went to work and “pitched” my vision to 2 of my coworkers Debra and Chikia about feeding the homeless. They thought it was a very good idea, in fact they “geeked” me up about it. That very next day, I bought my menu to work and started asking my coworkers did they want to signed their names to everything on my menu and that year we feed 12-15 people? On the menu was string beans, fried chicken, rolls, macorni and cheese. For desert we had brownies, cake, and cookies. We also had water, pop … Continue reading Feeding the Homeless 2008