The Plan and Vision behind Cree’s Feeding the Homeless

So many family and friends have asked  “How do you plan to feed 90 people?” To me its so simple, its only because I have had this vision to Feed the Homeless for years. What I do is, come up with a menu. Last year my menu was Chicken and Dressing with cranberry sauce, String Beans with white potatoes, macaroni and cheese, potatoe salad, dinner rolls. For desert, we had home made brownies, donuts, and cookies, each have water, pop and juice.

Sectional Plates (90)
Spoons/Forks (90)
Napkins (3)
Aluminum Foil (3)
Walmart .50- Blue Bags (90)
Cookies~ 20.…… $1.00 Cookies
Bottles of Water (90) 4 cases of 24
Bottles of Juice (90) 8 cases of 12
Bottles of Faygo Can pops (90) 8 cases
Dinner Rolls (90)— 9 bags of 12
String Beans ~ Big Cans(6)
Bags of Potatoes (4)
Boxes of Baggies 500 total
Jumbo Eggs (3)
Cheese for Macaroni (10)
Donuts (90) ( 8 boxes)
Mustard/Miracle Whip/ Sweet Relish (3 of each)
Macaroni  (8)
Chicken Wings (200) 2 each
Brownies (8 boxes)
Tape (2) for napkins
Bacon (2)

After the menu is complete….. I take it to work and pass it along to people who want to donate. And those people will write their names to the ITEMS IN WHICH THEY WANT TO DONATE. Also they will add how many they will buy. For example…… Dinner Rolls 9 packs of 12 are needed (Chanel) will buy 6 packages) and then I will see how many packs to buy and make sure that others can see whats left. I found out that when I let the donors see the list, when they chose to write their names to the items, they are more likely to buy them without ever having to say ” I can’t do it”. So it has really worked out well when they sign their own names to the items.

Reminders.~ All of the people that I have delt with love to be reminded of the due date to have the items to me, and so it makes it easy for me, because I dont ever want to feel that I’m bugging someone. They make it so easy for me. So, what I do is, make a “reminder” sheet and pass it out the week of payday and they really appreciate it. Im so grateful for wonderful people to help me. When I collect money, it goes to the chicken that we buy. It would be to much to fry almost 300 pieces of chicken, so we go to a place where they cater to large orders. I may have to change the people who we have been working with for the last 4 years, because the chicken wings are so, so, so small, they look like INFANTS!!!! LOL So, my good friend knows a place where we can get larger chicken for the same price. The place where we go now sells 100 pieces for $55.10 we have to buy at least 2-3.

To pack everything up and to make plates, it takes at least 8 people to complete the assemby line.  PLUS 2 GUYS TO LOAD THE TRUCKS/CARS. We WORK!!!! LOL

I Thank God for the many Blessings for allowing me to do this year after year. Thank you for all the people who participated. Thank you Lord!!! Thank you Jesus.


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