Feeding the Homeless 2009

Last year, we decided to feed 50 homeless people from the streets of downtown Detroit. I Thank God for removing the fear that I had in my heart about doing something that I always wanted to do. I hate to go see homeless people asking for money. Each person that I come in contact with I desire to know their story. I want to know how did they get in their current situation. Everyone has a story and a past. No one grows up and says: “I want to be homeless”. It’s a situation that you look up and you realise that you’re in. I have always made it a point to let Neisha see me giving, so that when she got older she would naturally do the very same thing. She is now 24 and the most giving  person I know.

During this journey, I enjoy taking photos and shooting footage of the process of preparing to “take it to the streets”. I would like to share with you at this time.


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