Feeding the Homeless 2008


I remember the day I went to work and “pitched” my vision to 2 of my coworkers Debra and Chikia about feeding the homeless. They thought it was a very good idea, in fact they “geeked” me up about it.

That very next day, I bought my menu to work and started asking my coworkers did they want to signed their names to everything on my menu and that year we feed 12-15 people? On the menu was string beans, fried chicken, rolls, macorni and cheese. For desert we had brownies, cake, and cookies. We also had water, pop and juice for drinks.

I was so very happy to pull this off with my friends and family. I was so nervous, still after we had gotten all to donate, people were still asking could they donate. Here are some photos from that year 2008.






2 thoughts on “Feeding the Homeless 2008

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